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The purpose of this Hackathon is to support student innovation in the blockchain for social impact space. We will be identifying revolving themes around social impact and working with University partners to ideate, prototype, and launch blockchain for social impact solutions. 

Time Period:

Event spread across a few weeks?

Potentially scheduled around Hyperledger Global Forum in June

Potential Themes:

  • Philanthropy and Remittance (donation traceability, aid transparency, digital currencies in aid and development, governance and accountability)
  • Financial Empowerment (financial inclusion, microfinance, microinsurance)
  • Identity and Land Rights (refugee assistance, land ownership documentation)
  • Governance and Democracy (fighting censorship and fake news, voting rights and protections, election integrity)
  • Supply Chain and Environmental Protections (sustainable supply chain, fair trade, ethical sourcing, fair labor practices)


  • University Students
  • University Professors

To Do:

  • Come up with a list of Universities with Blockchain centers
  • Social Media campaign (Linkedin, Blogposts, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)
  • Reach out to University contacts to establish partnerships for the Hackathon
  • Think about the overall theme for the first Hackathon and can look into use case prompts
  • Look into speakers to discuss various topics for the Hackathon