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Hyperledger SI-SIG


Bi-Annual Report

Special Interest Group Health

The SI-SIG community continues to grow its membership, attract new members, and develop new activities. The group has a consistent meeting cadence that takes place every two weeks and agendas and meeting notes are well maintained and shared to the community. Overall, meeting attendance has been healthy and it is noted that meeting topics and/or special guest speakers drive attendance numbers and diversity. The community membership, measured through the email list membership, has been increasing with total membership currently at 151 174 members. Over the next quarter6 months, we will maintain a regular cadence for SI-SIG meetings and build-out workstream activities/projects.


Membership and activity across continue to grow. Membership is currently at 151 members. Our chat channel, # social-impact-sig (, is seeing activity, but it is not as active as we’d like it to be just yet. There were quite a few structural changes recently with the community assets migration, so we are working to make sure members are aware of how to get to, and use, the new tools.

Over the past quarter6 months, the SI-SIG hosted a variety of community presentations including:



  • Sempo on Financial Inclusion
  • Amazon Web Services on Animal ID
  • IOV Labs
  • Evernym on Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identifiers and Governance Frameworks: The Building Blocks of Self Sovereign Identity
  • Dubai Future on Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain: Case Studies and Learnings from the United Arab Emirates
  • Ethereum Classic Cooperative 
  • Lid Vizion on Improving Waste Management using Blockchain Technology

The SI-SIG also developed various resources to facilitate community engagement including:

Planned Work Products

SI-SIG General Meetings will continue to be held regularly and we are already seeing a bump up in attendance and, with our new meeting time, a stronger set agenda, and the formation of our subgroups with specific deliverables, we feel confident that the group will continue to grow.

State of Social Impact Ecosystem blog post will highlight current trends in blockchain for social good and areas in which blockchain technology is transforming the landscape.

Community Engagement with academic, research, and industry is what drives the largest impact for the development and implementation of solutions that drive a positive social impact. The SIG intends to grow in this area to better engage the broader social impact community.