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  • Add the ability in broker to parse events from config (e.g., event with “category” field set to “scenario”), containing the proper params to call the scenario modifications (e.g., node: name, operation: delete, etc)
  • Generate a report for this fuzzing activity - list out all the events, status, etc
  • Document and wrap-up work (scripts to automate stuff, etc)
  • Prepare for project presentation
  • Outcome: Two PRs for code changes PR#9 (integrate umbra-agent + monitor + environment plugin), PR#10 (Refactors + Simulation report + update docs)
    • Ongoing work on how to use Umbra as university course. Verdict: might be too ambitious to use Umbra as teaching material at this current state. Lots more work efforts required to make it nice and easier to use by a studentstudents.


  • Weekly meeting with mentor and other mentees that use Umbra. Other meetings scheduled as required
  • Chat via Signal