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We're currently implementing the Utility Emissions Channel and Emissions Tokens Network Project use cases together. 

If you're interested, please check the calendar for the next call


This network could form the basis of organized climate action at a variety fo scales, from supra-national and national carbon emissions cap and trade to community energy projects to nature-based offset projects. 

Click here for a video of the emissions token network.


Because many of the topics are technical, we need to balance experts vs. community members.  At the same time, though, it's important to create an inclusive model of collaboration, just like in open source software, to avoid the dangers of being locked into obsolete models and ineffective climate action.

Click here for a video of the DAO.

Minimum Viable Product

The first Minimum Viable Product is the Utility Emissions Channel Project, which will illustrate: 


Building on it is the Virtual Community Renewable Energy Network Project, which will illustrate:

  1. Creating tokens from emissions data
  2. Offsetting emissions with transactions between tokens
  3. Certifying net emissions

Further Product Ideas

We need more ideas!  Please comment below you have any suggestions.