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Meetings are held on a regular basis and anyone is welcome to join one or to read notes or watch the recordings of past calls.  The calls are also open forums, so feel free to add items to the agenda by adding them to the wiki page of an upcoming meeting or suggesting agenda topics at the start of a call.  Click on the meeting pages in the navigation are to see details about specific meetings.

All Hyperledger meetings are run covered by the following Antitrust Policy.

Hyperledger Community Calendar and SIG meeting Invite
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For meeting agendas, notes and recordings, select specific meeting pages in the navigation.

Proposed Calendar of Events

As newly launched, the Climate Action & Accounting (CA2) SIG is drafting its yearly plan of activities and meetings for the year. Special webinar bookings can be announced directly here. 

Event Name





Climate SIG Launch MeetingTuesday, Feb 11,2020Initial meeting for the CA2 SIG to plan structure and year roadmapConfirmedCo-Chairs
Climate SIG Meeting #2Tuesday Feb 25, 2020Year roadmap layout and proposalsConfirmedCo-Chairs
Climate SIG Meeting #3Tuesday Mar 10, 2020Bi weekly meeting with first share outsConfirmed


Climate SIG Meeting #4Tuesday Mar 24, 2020Bi-weekly meeting with share outs (1)ConfirmedCo-Chairs
Climate SIG Meeting #5Tuesday April 7, 2020Bi-weekly meeting with share outs (2)ConfirmedCo-Chairs
Climate SIG Meeting #6Tuesday April 14, 2020Bi-weekly meeting with share outs (3)ConfirmedCo-Chairs
Climate Blockchain WebinarTBD 2020Provide a space to share relevant climate-blockchain projects and relevant Hyperledger technologiesProposed-tbctbd
Open Climate Collabathon: Earth DayApril 25-26Global Collaborative Hackathon on the application of DLT to Climate in the context of Earth DayConfirmedYale Openlab
Climate SIG Meeting #7Tuesday May 5, 2020Follow up on post collabathon actions and working group creationsconfirmedCo-Chairs
Recorded WG videos for HL SummitAugust 11Film an overview of Working Groups mission, expected productions and contribution opportunitiesconfirmedAnshu Jain
Recorded WG videos for HL SummitAugust 25Film an overview of Working Groups mission, expected productions and contribution opportunitiesconfirmedSi Chen, Christiaan Pauw
Joint webinar of Climate Chain Coalition members with INATBA, UN bodies, and other leading organizations on Blockchain and digital finance for climate actionSeptember 24Members of the Climate Chain Coalition are cooperating with and  many leaders on blockchain/digital solutions to scale climate finance and actions (including both Tom Baumann and Martin Wainstein as speakers) Baumann
Climate Ledger Initiative WebinarOctober 20Jurg Fussler, from the Climate Ledger Initiative will be sharing their progress and connecting on the work they've been doing over the last couple of years. ConfirmedJurg Fussler
Open Climate Collabathon - Global EventNovember 9-23This is a radically collaborative event inviting the climate and technology community to work on major aspects for an integrated climate accounting system. All active working groups get a chance to hack at their main projects and add more participants and volunteers to join these Working GroupsConfirmed