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  1. V2.0 release status: Pam/Joe–
    1. v2.0 Beta progress - target is to cut release on Monday 12/16. (There is no release candidate for a Beta)
    2. CC Launcher
      1. details from Matt Sykes
      2. doc eta: 12/8
    3. Updates around Move to GitHub
  2. New Java chaincode tutorial - Matthew White
  3. New test network (BYFN replacement) latest updates : Nik
  4. Propose process for merging documentation changes into Github. From the 11/27 Community Contributors call:
    1. There was general agreement that documentation should not be split from Fabric repository unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.

    2. The expectation is that all the issues previously identified in this thread could be resolved without splitting out Fabric documentation.

    3. As a next step, the documentation team took an action to propose a workflow such that documentation content (including translated content) in the main Fabric repository could be delivered without the need for new documentation/translation specific project maintainers.

  5. Fabric 2.0 Upgrade process docs: Joe
  6. MSP Key Concept updates: Pam