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We discussed strategy for the next steps

  • Should we address Supply Chain (provenance) or Finance use cases to get to the next level of metrics- will we spread ourselves too thin.
  • Key is to remain at a high level of detail and learn steps from other benchmarking efforts so we do not spend too much time delving into use cases but get generalized benchmarks from our study of different verticals.
  • Supply chain experts and others had contacted Mark Wagner- Supply chain SIG proposal is available 
  • In light of STAC call we should look at finance
  • Benchmark Model in TPC is to have separate benchmarks for: a. OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) b. Data Integration (ETL- OLTP data combined with other data) c. Decision Support (Queries) - they also have another breakout based on big data, virtualized environment and so on. Do we need such a division? What would such a division look in the Blockchain world? 
  • STAC also has some some such division between their benchmarks. (STAC-T for tick to trade) processing and execution vs querying) there are many benchmarks.
  • Mark Simpson will write down steps for provenance so that we can look at benchmarks falling out from this use case
  • Vipin will try to map the TPC/STAC ontology to blockchains (or at least put out a strawman doc). - VB 2019-01-25