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NOTE: This is a rough draft and work in progress, feel free to add/modify the contntcontent.


Project readiness is the general term we use to describe all of the things that the members of a project must do to make the project resilient to the ebb and flow of users, contributors, maintainers, and sponsors. A project that is ready can survive the loss of key maintainers and/or corporate sponsors. It includes many goals, achievements, and best practices in technical, cultural, educational, and business areas.  

Maturing the Maturation Process

The project lifecycle outlines the different stages of a Hyperledger project and the transition from each stage to the next is governed by the technical steering committee (TSC). So far only the exit criteria for moving from incubation to active status have been defined. The exit criteria for the other transitions and the first major release have yet to be formally defined and blessed as governing criteria. Below is a list of the things we can do to mature this process to take the guesswork out of it.