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Hyperledger Fabric project documentation working group

TSC Working Group Updates


Review, propose and discuss current and future activities relating to Hyperledger Fabric documentation

How to Get Involved

Please join one of our Friday meetings via Zoom!


All Hyperledger meetings are run covered by the following Antitrust Policy.

Friday meetings for Eastern (A) and Western (B) hemisphere on Zoom ( as follows:

  • Meeting A:
    1130 India Standard Time
    1400 China Standard Time
    1500 Japan Standard Time
    1700 Australia Eastern Time
    1400 Singapore Time
    0900 Gulf Standard Time
    0900 Moscow Standard Time
    0600 Greenwich Mean Time
    0700 Central European Time

  • Meeting B:
    1000 Central Daylight Time
    1100 Eastern Daylight Time
    0800 Pacific Daylight Time
    1200 1300 Brasil Standard Time (BRT)
    1600 Greenwich Mean Time
    1700 Central European Time
    1800 Moscow Standard Time

Meeting Agendas

 In the Meetings folder!

Meeting Notes

Communication Channels

These are the mechanisms that this working group uses to communicate.

Mailing List

Chat Channel

Links to Ongoing Work

Links to Completed Work

Links to External Resources

Active Members


Pam Andrejko

Joe AlewineSPECTRE
Chris Gabriel
Nik Gupta
Jacky IpIndependent
Jim Mason
Anthony O'Dowd

Rich Zhao

Yogendra SrivastataIBM