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  • Vipin Bharathan - Chair SIG and Identity Working Group. Founder of dlt.nyc, enterprise blockchain consulting, mainly in digital identity area and in capital markets (infrastructure, solutions into play, in H. 

  • Natalia Garcia - Debt capital markets specialist, working on origination and syndication of bond instances, commercial paper, and other areas of finance. Interested in blockchain in issuance and settlement processes.
  • Kirthi K - Background in management consulting, capital market operations. Interested in blockchain solution architecture, asset digitization (build from scratch and scale) in capital markets space. Currently exploring regulations, data, and use cases. 
  • Saptarshi Choudhury - Paramount Software Solutions, engaged in April 2018 with Hyperledger. Looking at capital markets, especially Asian markets.
  • Karen Ottoni - Director of Ecosystem at Hyperleger and point of contact for this SIG.
  • Isaac Kunkel - Chainyard, NC. Active member since H inception , of Fabric; focus on Fabric with IBM. Work on a variety of platforms. Launched Trust Your Supplier, first commercial supplier, solution; Company focuses on manufacturing, supply chain , and logistics. Some work in finance and banking industry along the way so why the interest in the CM SIG.
  • mani pillai - Capital Markets - common domain model, defining lifecycle of derivatives. Standard way of representing on industry side. Digital assets, lifecycle. Digital custody. Standardization of protocols, data standards in capital markets. 
  • Kelly Cooper - Works in higher education, two-year contributor. Working on PoC related to Identity and Provenance.