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2 minAnti Trust Policy & Code of ConductMeeting organizer 

Antitrust Policy found here.
Hyperledger Code of Conduct.

10 minIntroductions All
2 minUpdate/Comments on  Launch BlogBlog
5 minGlobal Forum Presentation as a SIG?
30 minStatus and plans from the project leads or interested members for existing projectsProjects
5 minTrade finance securitization@Vipin Bharathan


Launch Blog - Vipin sent link and email on draft Launch Blog - will encourage additional volunteers and contributors. Draft needs to be finalized and goes to PRT for editing. A final version deadline, for the SIG,______. Input on the blog goes on the wiki. At the deadline, it is edited off of the wiki, launches on the H website and is promoted with social media. 

Global Forum call for proposals due 9/23.

Status - different projects

  • Taxonomy - map edited to include financial universe. Comprehensive at this point. What are next steps? Should more information be added to the taxonomy? Include links to more details on each element of the taxonomy? Links and pop up tags - so the document is 'alive' rather than static. Short glossary? Link to use cases and regulations to network with people who want to link to particular bonds, products, standards. Reflection of an intranet of things that link to the broader subject matter universe. 
  • Standards - Most used in industry, noting overview, and links to standards bodies. ISO 2022 is not included; would like to cover. Please add other standards the group is interested in looking into. 
  • Use Cases - Kirthi and Natalia will review the draft. 
  • Obstacles - reviewed API documentation to note simple use cases (and link to SIG use cases), attended Smart Contracts working group, talked with Burrow, and explored ways to guide from the obstacles to both research and areas of Hyperledger. Business target audience > toward technical Hyperledger group as solutions, with published research as supporting documentation.

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