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Topic Ideas:

  • Transact mini-hackathon, a two hour coding project to...
    • connect a framework with transact southbound APIs 
    • connect an interpreter/engine to northbound APIs.
  • Ursa mini-hackathon: A two hour coding project to...
    • link a framework to libursa provided functions
    • build a POC using libzmix features
    • community discussion on libzmix API  
  • Fabric Private Chaincode - Enhancing Chaincode Privacy in Hyperledger Fabric using Intel SGX
    • overview of the project and demo
    • how to use the run the code on github and how to create your first application
    • discussion on use cases
    • discussion (and possibly hackathon) on best integration strategies with new Fabric chaincode lifecycle
  • Burrow
    • Upgrade fabric-chaincode-evm to latest Burrow (some minor interface changes)
    • Upgrade sawtooth-seth (unfork!) to latest Burrow
    • Discuss WASM extern standards... we have sabre/transact, eWASM, pWASM, etc. I think this needs an auxiliary answer other than 'just use transact' to interop with wider blockchain WASM users.
    • Something with Burrow's new web3 RPC! Including raw transactions (e.g. metamask works)
    • Implementing 'timing oracle' contract using Burrow SNatives - get time from a trusted group of Burrow validators - find a way to make work in other frameworks
    • Make this work in Burrow WASM and Sabre as PoC: (DAML engine)
    • Burrow keys is becoming 'burrow warren' a wallet/light client. Can we integrate with Aries? What about GPG backends?
    • Public Ethereum 2-way-peg/connectivity (with Besu team?) in Burrow
  • Contribution processes
    • I know it sounds kind of dry but getting a quick overview of the PR process for each project might be enlightening and help suggest some best practices.
  • Project code and management tooling
    • SCM and code reviews - e.g. Gerrit versus vanilla GitHub
    • Issue tracking - e.g. Jira versus vanilla GitHub
    • CI - e.g. Jenkins versus Azure Pipelines versus GitHub actions
  • Discuss common repo structure
    •,, etc.
    • Also probably sounds dry but useful to get everyone on a common repo language.
  • Aries
    • How Aries works with your ledger.
    • Broad Interest in DID Communication, collaboration with the DIF community.
  • Ursa - Quantify binding overhead viz. potential adoption by Fabric
    • Gary asked about the overhead to work though the c binding in the last TSC meeting.
    • Determine most likely usage (e.g. ECDSA signature generation and verification)
    • Hack together a quick test to compare Rust v Go for that usage
    • Sketch out RFCs for interfaces that projects want.
    • Build generic elliptic curve group testing tools.
  • Recap and Report 
    • Quick report out on accomplishments of the summit
    • Include list of recommendations if any, for decision items to TSC.
    • Disseminate any project recommendations to project lists (i.e. we are not making decisions at the event) 


Day 1

Day 2

  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Welcome back
  • Conclude Cross-Pollination Exercises
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • Project Time (i.e. not necessarily cross-project time. maintainers to discuss items but NOT decide things outside of mail list / usual process)
  • 18:00 team building event

Day 3

  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Welcome back
  • Remaining items from agenda proposals
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Recap and report