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  • Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB
  • Identity WG Implementer call-report - Daniel Bluhm
  • SISIG (Social Impact SIG) and the Identity WG Andres "Dre" Bonifacio
    1. 8-6-2019 SISIG Mtg Highlight(s) - Matthew Davie, Digital Strategy Officer of Kiva discussed the use of Kiva Protocol ("Trusted Identity" and Credit History) for Financial Inclusion. Attached are meeting notes for your review. 2019-08-06 Meeting notes
    2. 8-20-2019 SISIG Mtg Highlight(s) - Cornelius Saunders, Program Manager at ID2020mID2020, is presenting on their "Digital Identity" activities. Attached is the agenda for the next meeting. 2019-08-20 Meeting notes Please join the Social Impact SIG and the bi-weekly calls if interested.  
  • Implementing metrics from Chaoss... DCIWG
  • Progress of Identity Working Group paper. sticking points
    • Aadhaar section-look at reworked areas
    • Paper collaboration during RWOT- Marta Piekarska
  • Report from Tokyo member's summit- Nathan George
  • Libra and its Identity system - VB presentation and discussion