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  1. TSC meetings sync

    1. TSC is planing the annual election: https://lists.hyperledger.org/g/tsc/message/2503, TWGC will collect members (criteria TBD) Zhenhua Zhao Jay Guo Scott Long 
    2. Hyperledger Besu Proposal
    3. Maintainer Summit October 8-10, 2019
  2. Team development and Innovation (@Dijun Liu Zhangjiong Xuan , David Liu )

  3. Team i18n and Education (lidong guo )

    1. i18n work guideline

    2. Documentation translation progress

    3. Zhenhua Zhao created the Multi-Language Documentation.
    4. Training and Certificate for Fabric (Scott Long )
  4. Team Collaboration and Scenarios (Dorothy Cheng Scott Long ) 

  5. Team Event Organization (Jay Guo , Zhenhua Zhao )

    1. Meetup guideline

    2. Every meetup please be placed at the Team Event Organization
    3. Meetups for August.

      1. Chengdu, August 17th: speakers from E-visible, Baidu, 9broad, net-secure

      2. Shanghai: TBD
      3. Beijing, August 26 (tentative)