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Items of discussion

  • Notes from the field:
    • Andi: the traffic on the mailing lists makes it difficult to find the decisions made and the proposals offered. The suggested solution is to do summary emails 
  • Task Forces
    • CI/CD
      • closing in on making proposals to the TSC but due to travel we don't have fully buy-in by all of the participants in the task force.
      • the proposals will be wrapped up ahead of the board meeting on august 1st.
    • Lifecycle
      • Arnaud not present to give an update.
    • Working groups
      • Still capturing all of the recommendations on the wiki and working to narrow them down to something concrete.
  • WG proposal for a Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion WG
    • There are groups both at HL and in LF that are working to drive this effort 
    • The groups have met a few times to see where we can collaboration.
    • When prioritizing our efforts, we realized we don't have lot of data to go on. So the first step will be to get better numbers.
    • The proposal has been socialized with the governing board and the TSC mailing list
    • There is a large number of contributors to this initiative and it is clearly a community based effort and there's also strong staff support.
    • Dan is the proposed interim chair with a goal of establishing a more permanent chair within a few months of the initial launch.
    • Comments
      • Mark Wagner: what are we going to do with the data? We don't have any clear goals. Are we just baselining against industry averages? How do we judge success? Are we collecting data just to collect data?
      • Dan: We want to use data to drive our efforts.
      • Ry: For any metric, we should consider how a metric would have affected our actions if we had collected the data a year ago?
      • Dan: we want to be a data driven effort and looking at industry standards.
      • This WG will report back to the TSC on a more regular basis instead of generating a long term white paper or proposal.
      • Tracy has some really great feedback on the kinds of things we can do to lower barriers for new contributors coming in. Having people who can help new people with recognition and helping them understand the way things work and help them to not get discouraged.
      • Other anecdotes have come up that are actionable items that we can bring up in the community that affect the inclusivity that is projected. Social events can have some bias in them that affect participation levels and we should have discussions as a community.
  • Contributors Summit
    • We've had some bootcamps but we haven't done an event for maintainers/contributors.
    • Late September, early October time frame. We have multiple venue options: Oregon, Utah, and others.

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