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  •  A Working Group Charter is created on the Hyperledger wiki based on the application, adding two lines ”Approved by the TSC on <date>” and “Implementing the standard working group process defined <here>”, linking to the right page on the wiki.
  •  Set up real-time chat channel for the working group. Channel should be named #{working-group-name}-wg.
  •  Set up the mailing lists for the working group. Use mailing list request form to create hyperledger-{working-group-name}-wg mailing list for this project.
  • Set up a wiki page for the working group. Create a page at{working-group-name}. The initial sections on the Wiki should include: Charter, Antitrust Policy Notification, Meeting Details, Communication Channels, Community Folder.
  • Set up a community folder within the Hyperledger Community folder to store meeting recordings and other documents. Give permissions to the working group chair to edit.
  • Set up a Zoom meeting id for hosting the working group meetings. This meeting should ensure that all meetings will be recorded to the cloud.
  • Set up the quarterly working group reports for this working group. Add the working group to the quarterly working group schedule and working group updates page.
  • Send Welcome Email Template
  • Work with the working group lead to ensure that the community calendar is updated (Hyperledger Community calendar) to include the date/time of the meeting. IMPORTANT: Since a single Zoom account allows multiple IDs, but only one meeting can occur at the same time, ensure that the meeting day/time does not conflict with an existing community meeting.
  • Send out calendar invite to the mailing list.