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  • Broader Goals for last Evaluation
    •  Prepare report explaining completed tasks
    •  Certificate revocation 
    •  Present your work done to hyperledger community
    •  Wrapping up and organising the codebase

  • Work Done
    • Aug 5 - Aug 11

      •  Meeting with mentors on created presentation and suggested changes in it for better understanding
      •  Create more interactive presentation and also a demo video
      •  Looked into certificate revocation part and studied current methods CRL, OCSP, OCSP stapling and Must-Staple   

      Aug 12 - Aug 18

      •  Attended Hyperledger internship presentation of other students
      •  Started working on report
      •  Setup a OCSP responder, webserver for handling OCSPERQUEST using ocsp npm package

      Aug 19 - Aug 25

      •  Meeting with mentors-- different ways of integrating currently available revocation models in HFCTB network
      •  Wrapping up and organizing the codebase