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We are focused on building a strong community for the support of all Hyperledger projects and Groups. The Learning Materials working group's big initiative  to increase membership is underway and is gaining momentum.a

The group's Wiki page underwent a format change and now it  is easier to find information. The Resource Page is currently the main source of communication where member go to sponsor a task. The framework for the

The Task Sign up Page is 

Resource Library is on the Wiki page and is ready for documentation.  Our effort to support the Special Interest group is progressing, with LMDWG member attending 80% of all Special Interest Group calls with a push to have 100% coverage in the next quarter. The group is ready to assist with the

edits for the new EdX course "Blockchain for Business" with a June / July deadline for completion (dependent on Flavia). We have no new information on processing the

GITHUB updates. We have had Two request for documentation assistance, 1) Burrow needs guidance in documentation, 2) The Public Sector Working Group has requests edit on the Whitepaper when completed. 


Building community and increasing membership is our focus next quarter. Participation in calls typically is 5- 6 individuals. With a forecasted increase in the groups workload, new members are imperative.


Our focus is on Community Building. The bi-weekly calls are consistently held. The Meeting Agendas are announced in the chat room, mailing list and posted to the Wiki page prior to each meeting. The meeting notes and recordings are post on the groups wiki page after each meeting. We are trying to have a relevant presentations during our B-i -weekly meetings, with topics from 

Chris Ferris FABRIC presentation, Saptarshi Choudhury Presentation on Paramounts Blockchain efforts, Gordon Graham directions on how to use the Whitepaper template and Bobbi Muscara - Blockchain Summer Project.Presentations 

The groups focus has be on the following areas:

Edx Update - Flavia has kept us updated as to the progress of the MOOC. The course has been split into two sections: with the first three chapters going into the beginner's course, and the remaining chapters becoming the basis for the technical course.  The LMDWG has committed to assisting Flavia with proofreading the first three chapters late June early July. We have set up the following section on the Wiki page to manage the effort: EdX Updates.  The technical courses on hold. The plan is to have each framework and tool supply a technical chapter that will be  incorporated into the Higher- level course.Git Hub Updates: The group needs direction in  this area. In the past the groups "pull requests" were checked for technical accuracy before merged. We no longer have a contact or know the system we should be following to post our updates. We have collected The Repositories  on the F

Git Hub Updates: T

Best Practices Checklist Page, but we need to develop standards. Burrow has requested support but we have that on hold until we can appropriately handle the request. 

The Resources Page :  This quarter we developed a resource page to list the task we need group members to sponsor: Each task the group needs to accomplish either has a member's name attached or OPEN implying the need for a member to sponsor the task. We encourage members to sponsor tasks add their names to the Team member page so we can directly contact members when time sensitive request come in. Earning a Best Practice Badge:  Each project has a wiki page to house the set of documents need to be completed to be considered for a  Best Practice Badge. Once the documents set is complete,  and the LMDWG approves it, The project will earn a Best Practice Badge. The Documentation set consists of the following itemslibrary

Task Sign up page: 

Best Practice Badge

  •  Wiki space Maintenance 
  •  Repositories 
  •  Github or Gerrit repositories 
  •  Graphic Set
  •  Whitepaper
  •  Training Documentation Packet
  •  Mooc 
  •  Webinars


Meet-ups: We had a request to develop information to help the  Meet-up organizers.  We created a Meet-up section on the LMDWG wiki page that describes how to start and advertise your Meetup as well as some topics for meetup discussions. LMDWG  Created  a SUMMER MEETUP CHALLENGE  to engage the community this summer. The challenge is Blockchain for Social Impact project and walks teams thru 6 checkpoints that will assist in a prototype. and a whitepaper ( Video demo optional) . The goal is to create a working blockchain that has a positive social impact in the local community.