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  • Need a broad variety of partners, NGOs and solution providers to tag physical products. Developing ecosystem of brands or recipients.
  • World Vision Timor Leste, contribute to fighting malnutrition and promoting food security. Looking at GoodChain as a fundraising vehicle.
  • Apart from doing something good, all of them generate valuable data for brands. You can see when product was scanned etc. Good for brands who want to have touchpoints with consumers.
  • Created a prototype as part of Odyssey hackathon which includes traceability of chicken and functionality for consumers to donate to a world vision project. Great to showcase to brands and showcase to World Vision internally.
  • View recording for a demo on the Good Chain consumer track and trace app to see chickens along supply chain and give back to a farmer or world vision project.
  • The team is investigating a potential implementation/pilot.
  • Following the journey of farmer where consumers can scan a code (e.g. coffee from Timor Leste). Looking to use a World Vision last mile payment service to help unbank farmers who can receive money from world vision.
  • World Vision (Timor Leste)- Kartaun Bele pilot (Presented by Fabiano)
    • Timor Leste has one of the highest rates of unemployment.
    • Banks distribute cash 1x a year given remoteness of the communities
    • Literacy levels are really low. Don’t want people to feel intimated by wallets.
    • Vendor has phones to receive payments via POS
    • 2 cards and one smart phone for them to transact and evens works if smartphone doesn’t have connectivity. Can be stored offline on the phone.
    • 190 households registered. Have yet to use cash. Settled with vendors in bank accounts.


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