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The demos are recorded every 2 weeks and posted to this YouTube playlist in the Evernym channel:

Project Update on 2020-05-22

Widget Connector

  • Why Evernym hasn't been posting sprint demo videos lately.
  • Changes to process: using GitHub issues more than Jira, and GitHub Actions more than Jenkins.
  • Added some new contributors to Indy-SDK.
  • Current projects:
    • Issues seen on the Sovrin Network and a new release of Indy Node.
    • Revocation 2 / Anoncreds 2
    • Rich Schemas / W3C Verifiable Credentials
    • BBS+ signatures
    • Updating Indy Node to Ubuntu 20.04
    • Updating Indy Node CI / CD from Jenkins to GitHub Actions
  • Request for more contributors to Indy Node.

Project Update for Sprint Ev 20.05 (2020-03-26)