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  1. Make a private fork of the repository you want to contribute to.
  2. Assign the related Jira ticket to yourself and set it to "In Progress" so that others know you are working on it.
  3. Write good code:
    1. We prefer Test Driven Development.
    2. Unit tests are required. Integration tests are encouraged.
    3. Pay attention to the code standards documented in the repository where you are contributing.
      1. Observe best practices and style guidelines in the repository's "Coding-Conventions.md" file.
      2. Write idiomatic code for the language you’re using (e.g., PEP8 for python)
      3. Respect other stylistic and design choices until you build enough credibility to influence the project as a whole.
    4. Understand the Apache 2 license: don’t contribute anything encumbered by copyright or patent issues.
    5. Don’t add new dependencies without consulting a maintainer.
    6. The CI pipeline is configured to fail on compiler warnings.
  4. Confirm that all tests pass.
  5. Don't mix unrelated improvements in the same Pull Requset.
  6. Submit a Pull Request to the master branch of the upstream repository.
  7. Move the Jira ticket to "Code Review" status.
  8. Announce your PR on #indy-pr-review at chat.hyperledger.com (give the PR URL and Jira reference).
    1. The reviewer should assign the ticket to themselves.
    2. Especially engage the maintainers if the change is big, significant, or risky.
  9. Monitor the pull request for comments from the reviewer.
  10. Be patient.
    1. Our goal is to not let pull requests go for a week without some type of follow up from the maintainers.