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Assessment of group health

On basic health indicators the group is OK;

  • Meetings are taking place as scheduled every two weeks (although one meeting was missed)
  • Agendas and notes are kept
  • Recordings are linked to the wiki

Attendance at the meetings has declined through the last quarter to about 7 where it has stabilized.  The change to daylight saving has made the group harder to attend for members in Asia Pacific

  • Membership of the email list service continues to grow, with 2-3 new joiners each week and total membership over 100

Issues being faced by the group

  • Address declining attendance on the callsThis was discussed by attendees on a recent call and a set of actions that are listed below in "planned products"
  • The activity is focussed on presentations by group members and guests.  We need to decide as a group whether we wish to move beyond this towards the kind of collaborative working that other SIG groups have done.  It may be that the make-up of the membership means that this is not feasible.

Summary of activity in the past quarter

  • Keynote presentations from We-Trade and Clearmatics
  • A run-down of latest news from the world of Trade Finance Blockchain.  This provides a good source for future presentations

List of planned work products

    Specific presentations on trade finance platforms
  • A shift in positioning of the group as a "standing conference" with presentations from vendors, tech experts and others on the current state of the market

  • A pilot to create a first white paper focussing on interoperability

Assessment of participant diversity (consider several factors, including organizational, geographic, gender, and skill level diversity)

  • Organizational;  most attendees on the calls are from the software industry or consulting
  • Geographic;  Since daylight saving started, call attendance is from Europe and South Asia.  List participation is wider and includes Americas and Asia Pacific
  • Gender; Although the make-up is predominantly male, there are female members of the SIG. Active participation is more evenly split.
  • Skill level.  There is insufficient information to assess skill level.  Knowledge levels vary, but in a constructive way as the meetings feature a lot of knowledge sharing.

Any additional information

  • to update following the call