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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to serve as a resource to HC-SIG members with questions about the structure and operations of the organization. As an HC-SIG member, feel free to add to this growing list of questions/answers to better serve membership.

What’s the purpose of the Hyperledger HC-SIG?

Hyperledger, as part of the Linux Foundation, provides technology leaders a uniquely open and collaborative international community from which to develop, validate, and field enterprise-grade blockchain technology solutions. It is the mandate of this Special Interest Group, the Hyperledger Healthcare Special Interest Group (HC-SIG), to represent healthcare professionals and technologists, and globally unite in advancing the state of the healthcare industry through the implementation of technology solutions using blockchain technologies in general, and the umbrella of Hyperledger frameworks and toolsets in specific.

To read the full text of the HC-SIG Charter, please view here.

Do I need to be a Hyperledger member?

No, this group is intended to promote the exploration of blockchain applications in healthcare and is open to everyone interested in working towards solutions in this area. As Hyperledger is a project of the larger Linux Foundation, we are an open source, open community collaboration.

If you're interested in openly editing these wiki pages, or conversing with other Hyperledger community members through our email list (listserv) or chat channel (Rocket.Chat), you may want to consider signing up for a free Linux Foundation ID (LFID). Here's how to get your LFID.

What blockchain technologies topics do you cover?

This is a great question which comes up often. The term blockchain can be defined as three independent core technologies often implemented in a complementary fashion: 

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Self-Sovereign Identity Management (SSI)
  • Cryptocurrency/crypto-tokens

Depending on the context of the project or discussions that HC-SIG membership has, or the work being done through our HC-SIG Subgroups, any three of these areas might be utilized at any given time. So the short answer is: it really depends.

Where do HC-SIG conversations take place?

We host three different ways for our membership to interact:

How do I participate in an HC-SIG Zoom video conference?

Check out our Hyperledger Events Calendar for upcoming events. These events will provide you with specific connect details for joining a meeting either by phone, or through your computer.

If you're planning to attend an upcoming HC-SIG General Meeting, check out our connect details here.


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