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  • Demo
  • Docker for releases (Stephen Curran)
  • Message Pickup (Sam Curren)RFC Review

Note: This call is Recorded. Recordings posted at the bottom of the page.


  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • John Callahan (Veridium) <jcallahan@veridiumid.com>
  • Daniel Bluhm (Sovrin Foundation) <daniel.bluhm@sovrin.org>
  • Troy Ronda (SecureKey) <troy.ronda@securekey.com>
  • Sam Curren (Sovrin Foundation) <sam@sovrin.org>
  • Stephen Curran (Cloud Compass/BC Gov) <swcurran@cloudcompass.ca>
  • @Tobias Looker (Mattr) <tobias.looker@mattr.global>
  • Ken Ebert (Sovrin Foundation) <ken@sovrin.org>
  • George Aristy (SecureKey) <george.aristy@securekey.com>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym) <richard.esplin@evernym.com>
  • Gary de Beer <dibbs.za@gmail.com>
  • Moushmi Banerjee (Nutanix) <moushmi.banerjee@nutanix.com>
  • Ajay Jadhav <ajay@ayanworks  <ajay@ayanworks.com>
  • Samuel Smith (ProSapien) <sam@samuelsmith.org>
  • Adam Burdett  (Sovrin Foundation) <adam@sovrin.org>
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs) <smccown@anonyome.com>