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  •   TSC nominations.
    • NOTE: Due to a technical difficulty with communicating with the eligible people we are trying to make sure we can contact everybody individually. Notification has been spotty and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
    • Nominees must submit a one page bio and pitch for why they wish to be a member of the TSC.
    • Or, nominees can fill out the following online form:
    • All eligible voters will be contacted with instructions on how to vote. If you do not receive one of these emails but thing you are eligible to vote, you may appeal to be included by filling out the following online form:
  •   TSC election.
    • Those eligible to vote will cast their vote via the Condorcet system.
  •  The TSC winners are announced.
  •  The new TSC chairperson nominations.
  •  The new TSC members elect a chairperson.
  •  The TSC chairperson is announced.