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Technical Working Group China(超级账本大中华区技术工作组)

Initial charter and members are approved by the Technical Steering Committee on 2016/12/01. More details, please see the group charter.

1. Governance


Name Organization Email Location
杨保华(Baohua Yang) Oracle Beijing
蔡栋(Charles Cai,RETIRED) Wanda Shanghai
胡瑞丰(Victor Hu) Huawei Shenzhen

Active Members/Volunteers

These are volunteers who're actively driving community activities. Volunteers can be nominated as active by existing members for the continuous contribution in leading works, e.g., presenting advices in the discussions and meetings, helping new developers, organizing events, promoting Hyperledger technologies, contributing code or documentations… If keeping inactive for 3+ months (e.g., not show up in meetings/events), will consider to retire. It is possible for retired member to become active again by the nomination process.

Name Organization Email Location
Yaoguo Jiang Huawei Nanjing
Yin Cao Energy-Blockchain Labs Shanghai
Lidong Guo ChainNova Beijing
Jiannan Guo IBM Beijing
Zhangjiong Xuan Hyperchain Hangzhou
Sheng Huang UMARK Shanghai
Zhenhua Zhao IBM ShenZhen

And appreciate the great contributions by those retired volunteers in past.

Three liaisons are appointed by Linux foundation to help the work, including Donald Liu(廖享德) , Min Yu(余敏) and Scott Long(龙文选) .

2. Meetings

Antitrust Policy Notice

The meeting is open to access, welcome anyone to join. Calendar file All community meetings

3. Communications

Currently we support open communication - email list, Rocketchat. Feel free to join. Previous slack archive.

Tool Description How to Use
Email-list (邮件列表) Official announcement, event information, and threaded discussions, etc. Subscribe here. Archive.
Rocketchat Instant online discussions Login into the twg-china channel with your LF id.
Wechat groups(微信群) For wechat users to discuss online, can join via those owners Beijing (a33443148), Shanghai (dawnwords), Hangzhou (linalee1005), Dalian (cn8888898), Shenzhen (RichZhao), Wuhan (grapebaba),Hongkong(hwfighter1)

4. What we are working on

The team is working together in the following areas:

Areas Description Contacts
Development and Innovation(开发创新) Help lead the development of hyperledger projects in code, tutorial, demos, with instructions on maillist, rocketchat, etc. Yaoguo Jiang, Zhangjiong Xuan, Dijun Liu
i18n and Education (国际化教育) Help lead the documentation writing/translation, seminar and education/trainings Lidong Guo, Jiang Lu, Xueting Zhou
Collaborations and Scenarios (合作应用) Help encourage the collaborations between organizations and projects, with landing more scenarios/apps Yanqing Wang, Yin Cao, Haixu Cheng
Events Organization (活动组织) Help instruct the events organization like meetup/hackathon Jiannan Guo, Sheng Huang, Zhenhua Zhao, Kai Chen

5. Reporting

Now TWGC is following the quarterly report rule.

Previous reports:

  1. 2018: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
  2. 2017 Q4: 2017-10, 2017-11, 2017-12
  3. 2017 Q3: 2017-07, 2017-08, 2017-09
  4. 2017 Q2: 2017-04, 2017-05, 2017-06
  5. 2017 Q1: 2017-01, 2017-02, 2017-03
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