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Technical Working Group China

Initial charter and members are approved by the Technical Steering Committee on 2016/12/01. The team is typically re-appointed every 6 months. There is no formal declaration of membership in the working group aside from those two or three. Those members should view themselves as representatives of and servants to the broader community and not exclusively representing their own or employer interests. More details, please see the official charter.


Chair Board

Name Organization Email Location
杨保华(Baohua Yang) IBM Beijing
蔡栋(Charles Cai) Wanda Shanghai
胡瑞丰(Victor Hu) Huawei Shenzhen


Name Organization Email Location
Zhoudong Ji Wanda Shanghai
Yaoguo Jiang Huawei Shenzhen
Kewei Sun IBM Beijing
Ray Chen Independent Hangzhou
Yin Cao Energy-Blockchain Labs Shanghai
Yanbo Li Onchain Beijing
Zhou Xing IBM Beijing
Zhipeng Huang Huawei Shenzhen

Three liaisons are appointed by Linux foundation to help the work, including Donald Liu(廖享德) , Min Yu(余敏) and Scott Long(龙文选) .


Biweekly meeting will be held at 10AM ~ 11AM, Wednesday, GMT+8

Phone Number: 800-820-0027 (toll free) and 400-821-0751 (caller paid). Passcode: 71173794

See previous meetings minutes.


Currently we support several methods of communication - email list, WeChat channel, Rocketchat, which are open to everyone to join. Previous slack archive.

Tool Description How to Use
Email-list Official announcement, event information, and threaded discussions, etc. Need to subscribe first. Archive.
Rocketchat Instant discussions Join the twg-china channel, with your LF id

What we are working on

The team is working together in the following aspects:

Team Description Contacts
Development && Innovation Help lead the development of hyperledger projects in code, tutorial, demos, with instructions on maillist, rocketchat, etc. Yaoguo Jiang, Ray Chen
i18n && Education Help lead the documentation writing/translation, seminar and education/trainings Kewei Sun
Collaborations && Scenarios Help encourage the collaborations between organizations and projects, with landing more scenarios/apps Yin Cao
Events Organization Help instruct the events organization like meetup/hackathon Zhou Xing, Zhoudong Ji

Previous activities

Task Description Comments
Energy Blockchain Meetup held in Shanghai on Mar 11, 2017
1st Asia Hackathon held in Shanghai on Mar 11&12, 2017 website
Shanghai Meetup held in Shanghai on 2017-03-04
Shenzhen Meetup held in Shenzhen on 2017-01-07
Beijing Meetup held in Beijing on 2016-12-25


This WG reports on its activities once a month to the TSC as an email to the TSC mailing list, including any issues that need addressing from a governance, process, community tools, or other community-wide angle. The report should include some measure of activity, and measure of how well new participants are being welcomed into the project.

Previous reports:2017-03, 2017-02, 2017-01

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