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Training Inventory

  1. Hyperledger Training Inventory Topics Worksheet
  2. preExisting Training Inventory
  3. Visual Dictionary Table of Contents
  4. Style Guide Draft Metrics (under review)

*If you are new to the working group, please scroll to the bottom of this wiki page for additional prompts.

Potential Work Group Tasks Worksheet

Please see the Potential Work Group Tasks and note the topic(s) you are interested in working on in. Consider gaps in materials and your areas of interest/strength. In Column D please note 1-3 priorities you would like to start with - spend time creating, editing, testing, etc. Google Sheet for WG training inventory:

preExisting Training Inventory

Thank you for contributing existing training that you have resourced and recommend. Please add your contribution as follows:

  1. Asset Title
  2. Asset Type (ie Use Case, White Paper, Print Tutorial, Video Tutorial, Opinion Article, etc.)
  3. Asset Location
  4. Product(s) or Technology focus of Asset
  5. Asset Abstract (a few sentences that detail the material objectives and/or outcomes)
  6. Target Audience (group(s) you think the information most relevant to)

Please do not submit a list of links. Contributors' reviews of materials are valuable and informative. Thanks!

Sample entry:

  • Title: Welcome to Hyperledger Fabric
  • Type: Introduction, Documentation, Tutorials
  • Product(s) or Technology focus: Hyperledger Fabric-Getting Started, Key Concepts, Tutorials, Operations Guide, Architecture, Troubleshooting and FAQs, Contributing
  • Abstract: Hyperledger documentation for Hyperledger Fabric. Includes definitions, tutorials, videos and links to RocketChat/Stack Overflow. Introduces Fabric and offers Table of Contents navigation for quick resourcing. Four initial tutorials include Writing Your First Application, Building Your First Network and two chaincode tutorials. Recommend for focused learning without a vendor perspective.
  • Target Audience: All technical audiences interested in foundational learning and intermediate details of Fabric. Also benefits entrepreneurs who have previously read articles about blockchain or Hyperledger and want to understand the 'how' and 'why' of Hyperledger Fabric.

Google Form for entry:

Visual Dictionary Table of Contents

Google Sheet for Dictionary Locations:

Style Guide Draft Metrics (under review)

Google Sheet for Style Guide Comments:

Hyperledger Training and Education Workgroup:

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