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Identity Working Group

Identity WG Charter

Identity WG Paper draft

Mailing List

The Identity WG meets biweekly on Wednesdays noon EST-EDT. (Next meeting: October 4th, 2017) alternates with Architecture WG meetings)

Join the call:
Optional dial in number: 401-283-2000,,,4807579435#
No PIN needed
Regional dial in numbers can be found here:

Read the Identity WG meeting minutes, join the RocketChat #identity-wg channel.

Meeting Contact: Vipin Bharathan, BNP Paribas

Notes from Meetings

Notes for all meetings are shared in a single document, a shared Google Docs file:

Recordings & Slides from Meetings

Ethereum and uPort

On August 10, 2016 Christian Lundkvist shared with the Hyperledger Identity WG how identity works with Ethereum and how the uPort smart contract architecture extends that model.

The recording for this session is at:

The slides are at:

Membership Services Architecture

In July 2016, we held 3 meetings on the topic of IBM’s Membership Services architecture as used by Hyperledger Fabric. This model has changed quite a bit-20170809 vb

The recording of the 1st Identity WG meeting is available at:

The slides for this 1st meeting are at:

The recording for the 2nd meeting is available at:

The slides for the 2nd meeting are available at:

The recording for the 3rd meeting (no new slides) is available at:

Identity WG May 2016 F2F

The Identity Working Group (WG) held a meeting as part of the face-to-face technical session hosted by the DTCC on May 5, 2016.

The raw notes from the session are on the following pages:

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