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Call Time: Every other Monday, alternating between 9 am US/Mountain and 4 pm US/Mountain time.

Call Link:

Meeting Agendas and Notes

2019-08-26 Indy Maintainers Call

Expected topics

  • Release updates
  • Proposal to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline
  • Proposal to support Fully Qualified DIDs

2019-08-19 Indy Maintainers Call

  • Release updates
  • Rich schemas HIPE
  • Proposal to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline

2019-07-29 Indy Maintainers Call

  • Work and release updates
  • Improvements to Indy Node including PBFT view change
  • Schedule for future calls

2019-07-15 Indy Maintainers Call

  • Discussed release status of various dependent components
  • GitLab migration still in progress
  • What to do about IndySDK→AriesSDK+IndyResolver migration
    • C Callable Wrappers and Rust
    • Anoncreds 2.0
    • Schema 2.0
  • Documentation updates
    • Call to contribute or deprecate out of date documentation
  • Discussion on Indy WG call becoming an Identity WG Implementers call

2019-07-12 Indy Maintainers Call

  • W

2019-07-01 Indy Maintainers Call

  • Update on June releases.
  • Planned releases for July and August.
  • Discussed call mechanics.
  • Discussed documentation improvements.
  • Discussed improvements to how transactions are endorsed.

2019-06-17 Indy Maintainers Call

  • Release planning for next three months
  • Restructuring Indy calls now that we have Aries
    • Combine some of the calls?
    • Focused on getting work done: work streams and release planning
  • Plans for improving documentation
    • Focus for new developer experience should be Aries

2019-06-03 Indy Maintainers Call

First time doing notes on the wiki

Historical Notes (Pre June 2019):

Past recordings can be found here: Indy Agent Recordings

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