A curated list of active Hyperledger Fabric ecosystem projects.

Getting Started

Application projects (chaincode, client applications, application frameworks, interop)

  • Application SDKs
    • Build client applications written in Node, Java, or Go
  • Chaincode libraries
    • Build chaincode applications written in Node, Java, or Go
  • hlf-connector
    • Expose chaincode via REST service or Kafka messaging 
  • Fabric Smart Client
    • A flow-based framework for writing blockchain applications that preserves privacy between transactors
  • Fabric Token SDK
    • SDK to assist in building Token based solutions on Hyperledger Fabric (uses Fabric Smart Client)
  • Firefly
    • A complete stack for enterprises to build and scale secure Web3 applications.
  • Cacti
    • A multi-faceted pluggable interoperability framework to link networks built on heterogeneous distributed ledger and blockchain technologies and to run transactions spanning multiple networks.

Docker-based deployment environments (often used for development and testing)

  • Microfab
    • Single docker container with configurable organizations/peers/channels. A full fabric network startable in seconds, perfect for development
  • fabric-samples test-network
  • fablo
    • Specify a network to spin up a docker-compose network 
  • cello
    • Deploy to Docker including Docker Swarm support

Kubernetes-based deployment environments (often used for production deployment)

Management and operations (agnostic to deployment environments)

  • Fabric operations console
    • Web UI for management of Fabric Network, often used with Fabric Operator
  • Fabric Admin SDK
    • Build client applications to manage Fabric channels and chaincodes
  • fabric-opssc
    • Operations Smart Contract (OpsSC) is smart contract-based system operations for blockchain-based systems.
    • Enables decentralized system operations over multiple organizations.
  • Blockchain explorer
    • Browse activity on the underlying blockchain network.