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Meeting will be held at zoom (video conf, recommend using microphone and headset) and rocketchat (for text chat) at:

  • 11:00AM (UTC-2)

  • 02:00PM (UTC+1)

  • 06:30PM (UTC+0530)

  • 09:00PM (UTC+8)


Feel free to update before the meeting.

  • Support for Fabric 1.4 LTS
  • Knowledge share: code refactor in fabric-sdk-node 2.0 (David Liu)
    • fabric-common: FABN-909, FABN-1309
    • fabric-base: FABN-1347


Please put your name before the meeting.


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  1. Sorry that I fixed the meeting minutes because what I mentioned is not my personal project `davidkhala/fabric-common` but  https://www.npmjs.com/package/fabric-common
    They are almost irrelevant except for using same name. Haha