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To attend the Hyperledger Foundation Community Workshop series, Operating and Extending Hyperledger Besu, some preparatory work must be done in order to follow along with the workshops. Please make sure the OS and tools listed below are installed. The command lines are provided because in some cases, the default download will not work with our solution.

Required tools

If not already installed, you will need to install curl, Java 11 and Git on your Ubuntu system. These must be installed to do the labs during the training session.

You can install the OpenJDK 11 or the Oracle JVM 11.

Download the Besu repository

Download Besu code
git clone

Test building Besu

From the Besu checkout, run the following:

cd ~/besu
./gradlew build

After running this command, you should be able to see a distribution of Besu available under build/distributions.

If you've gotten to this point, you should be ready to run Besu for the workshop!

Installing Quorum Dev Quickstart

Quorum Dev Quickstart is a tool developed by ConsenSys, open source, which allows you to quickly create Besu consortium networks.

It uses Node.js, Docker, Docker Compose to run.

Install Node.js

Using a package manager on your OS of choice. Use 16+.

On Mac with Homebrew:

brew install node

Install Docker

We will use Docker for Desktop as part of the development flow. Take a look at to get started installing Docker.

Install Docker Compose

Only for Linux, as it is bundled with Docker for Desktop:

Optional - Install Metamask

Follow the directions at to install Metamask locally.

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