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This is the 2021 Q2 Hyperledger Cactus quarterly report. 

Project Health

Cactus continues to progress as a project.  

Questions/Issues for the TSC

We don't have any issues or questions for the TSC at this time.  We've said it before, but we'll say it again:  as we roll out interfaces for different Hyperledger blockchains, though, we would appreciate reviews and comments from people affiliated with said blockchains.  So please expect contact from us in the future!  


We have recently released version v0.4.0 and a hot-fix to it as v0.4.1 (which was also a great test of our capability to rapidly issue releases when necessary). The changes in these releases are best described as moving towards a modular, efficient blockchain integration platform that can be used with both the Accenture and Fujitsu applications (as well as others).  The precise changes in each release are much too long for this report, but thankfully Peter has done a wonderful job of documenting them here (  Please take a look if you'd like to see all of the release details.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We have made a concerted attempt to improve our response times and responses on communication tools.  While some of our contributors have always been excellent (e.g. Peter), as a project, we thought we could do better, and have been making an effort which thus far seems to be working.   Our response times and rates have definitely improved, but we would like to be even better.

The number of technical changes that we've made and the improvements we've completed are quite numerous and varied.  We've worked on the testing infrastructure, validation, examples, and CII badging, just to name a few things.

Current Plans

Our goal is to move forward with incremental releases targeting more and more features of our modular architecture.

As Cactus grows, we have realized the need to modularize our codebase more.  We are currently in the process of implementing more "big project" infrastructure for Cactus, including sprint planning, a hierarchical repo structure, and more.  This will let us more efficiently onboard contributors and make coding progress.

If you'd like to see a detailed list of things we're working on, please check out our github issues (  We have 100+ issues currently, so this is a very detailed list.  But if you're curious (or want to add an issue of your own), please feel free to check it out.

Maintainer Diversity

We still have four maintainers.  They are:

Shingo Fujimoto – Fujitsu

Jonathan Hamilton – Accenture

Peter Somogyvari – Accenture

Takuma Takeuchi – Fujitsu

In the not too distant future, Jonathan Hamilton is planning on retiring as a maintainer, and Enrique Garzas (also from Accenture) is planning on replacing him. We are more than open to adding additional maintainers outside of the core Accenture/Fujitsu group, and hopefully in the not too distant future.

Contributor Diversity

We recommend the following for detailed contributor information:  Thanks Ry!

Our contributor list is starting to get too long to efficiently list in this report.  We encourage you to check out the above link if you'd like to see all of the information.  However, the organizations that lead contributors are still Accenture and Fujitsu.  We would really like to get a new core contributor from outside of these organizations.

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