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This page introduces Burrow for Business stakeholders. Target readers may include Hyperledger contributors/volunteers interested in learning more about Burrow, developers communicating with business clients, and business leaders navigating the Hyperledger space. 

In brief:

  • Burrow is a blockchain and smart contract framework
  • Burrow's core is a custom, fully compliant Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation with an authenticated state (merkle tree)
  • Burrow supports a model of permissioning in its EVM implementation for things like SEND, CREATE (a contract), and BOND (become a validator)
  • Burrow aims to be simple, complete, opinionated, and lightweight
  • Burrow supports running permissioned networks that are in some sense 'open to the public'

Developers note the challenge of detailing Hyperledger and Hyperledger Burrow using terms their clients or customers understand. They cite customer confusion over the media's version of blockchain, whether Hyperledger, Ethereum, or others. This page and its associated links intend to inform readers and the broader community. More detailed information and code can be found on the main page and in links to Git Hub. 

Blockchain is complex, a few use case mind maps may provide context before exploring Burrow up close.

Quick Actor definitions for these use cases:

  • client - a developer, consultant, or organization's customer
  • customer - a client's customer

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