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The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) consists of 15 elected members of the technical contributor community. The responsibilities of the TSC are to steer the technical direction for Hyperledger. A full set of TSC responsibilities are defined in the  Hyperledger Charter, but include:

The TSC election is held every August. More information about elections can be found here: TSC Election 2020

The TSC has a weekly meeting on Thursdays at 10am EST / 2pm GMT: join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Zoom Link

Check the calendar for timezone information.

Please join the mailing list and the chat channel to stay up-to-date.

Current TSC members serving on the committee for 2020-2021:

The TSC chair for this term is Arnaud; the vice chair is Tracy.

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  1. Hello TSC,

    zoom is now asking for the meeting password.

    Who can provide it?

    thx, gm

    P.S. got it, will try this new process next week then, thx.

  2. Recently, all Hyperledger calendar invites were updated to include the password in the zoom link. This is due to changes Zoom themselves are rolling out to require passwords or Zoom hosts managing waiting rooms. Please use the calendar ICS file linked to from the Calendar of Public Meetings page as the canonical source - and note that when you copy an individual invite from this calendar, that's not automatically updated, though updates are rare for recurring meetings.