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Nathan George

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Short personal bio

Nathan George is the CTO for the Sovrin Foundation, a maintainer for the Hyperledger Indy and Aries projects, as well as participating in Hyperledger Ursa. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Utah State University and a Master of Business Administration from Brigham Young University. Nathan champions the Sovrin Foundation's engagement in the open source community through Hyperledger and is a contributor to distributed identity and blockchain standards at the Decentralized Identity Foundation, Hyperledger consortium and the W3C.

Nathan has been involved in open source and writing software for open platforms since 2002. Prior to joining the Sovrin Foundation, Nathan worked as a Software Architect for Evernym, and prior to that served as Senior Engineer and Architect for IMAT Solutions, a company working on large scale search, analytics and reporting for medical data systems. His development experience spans diverse systems including robotics, manufacturing management, web development, GIS mapping, file systems, backup management, virtualization platforms, big data analytics, directory services and attribute­-based security systems.

Short personal pitch

I would like to continue representing both the interests of Hyperledger Indy, Aries and Ursa as well as the various working groups I’ve been privileged to participate in. We have a vibrant community that has interest in many areas. As a TSC member, I seek to preserve the autonomy and authority of each project and their volunteers while also facilitating as much collaboration and cross ­project participation as we can, ­­building towards the strongest possible brand and a more cohesive, open community. I believe in the power of ledgers as transformative to technology and society (public, permissionless, permissioned and private), and continue efforts ­­building bridges in the distributed ledger and identity spaces, and inviting others who are doing innovative work to make our community the center of their open source development efforts.

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