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Mark Wagner

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Short personal bio

Throughout my career I have worked at some very innovative companies. I have bounced between small startups and large companies so I understand the perspective of both sides.

I have been at Red Hat for the past 12 years. I am a Senior Principal Engineer in the Performance and Scale engineering team. Many of my assignments tend to be the emerging technologies such as Hyperledger and IoT.

Long Open Source Heritage

Red Hat is not your typical software company with an open source program. We are an open source company! We have a primary focus on the entire ecosystem with an "upstream first" policy. A great example of this community commitment is that, while Red Hat does not have a play in the blockchain world, I am allowed to bring my expertise to share with the Hyperledger community. But the best part of my job is that, while representing Red Hat at Hyperledger, my main responsibility to make sure that I act in the best interests of Hyperledger, not Red Hat!

Cross Industry Collaboration

I am the Red Hat representative at Hyperledger. In my position as Chair of the PSWG I have reached out across the industry and I have been able to some get active participation from people who are not part of Hyperledger. In a previous life, I was actively involved in the creation of the SPECVirt and SPECCloud benchmarks.

Short personal pitch

I have been active in the Hyperledger community for many years now. I am currently a TSC member and seeking reelection. I also represent the General Members on the Hyperledger Governing Board. During this time I have tried to provide a voice for the "little guy". I work to maintain your trust every day.

I proposed and now Chair the Performance and Scalability Working Group. In this role I strive to bring the best minds together to collaborate on getting it right. I have sponsored multiple labs and projects. I have been active in the Diversity and Inclusion efforts for the last year. I have brought in resources from Red Hat to contribute their collective knowledge.

Much of my time is focused in the working groups and I am currently not directly associated with any of the projects. Thus I try to span all the projects with equal interest.

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