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Hart Montgomery

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Short personal bio

Hi everyone! A little bit about me: I’m a research scientist in cryptography at Fujitsu Laboratories of America. I work on a number of different aspects of cryptography (and applications of crypto) including blockchain, crypto for the blockchain, lattice (post-quantum) cryptography, and cryptographic complexity. Prior to FLA, I did a Ph.D. at Stanford in crypto under Dan Boneh.

I’ve had the good luck to have been involved in Hyperledger since almost the very beginning. Among other things, I’ve been on the TSC since the startup phase of Hyperledger. More recently, I’ve helped to start Ursa (where I’m a maintainer on the theory side), and I’m planning to continue working on the crypto/security aspects of Hyperledger through whatever venues seem appropriate in the future.

Short personal pitch

Due to the fact that security, privacy, and confidentiality are absolutely paramount for many Hyperledger applications, I think it is vital that there is a strong cryptography/security presence in the Hyperledger community, including the TSC. Even if your preferred slate does not include me, please consider voting for at least some people with strong security and cryptography backgrounds. Thanks for your time.

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