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Dan Middleton

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Short personal bio

Dan Middleton is a Principal Engineer with Intel Corporation where he leads open source blockchain engineering. He has extensive experience with distributed systems, applied cryptography, and trusted computing over a career spanning an even prime number of decades. Dan has contributed to Hyperledger since nearly its founding and is a maintainer on Hyperledger Sawtooth and Ursa among other projects. Dan has also sponsored or otherwise championed many of the other Hyperledger projects. He leads the DCI WG and formerly co-led the PSWG and contributed to other working group whitepapers. Dan loves open source and enjoys welcoming new contributors and guiding them through their first git commits.

Short personal pitch

I am a long time Hyperledger contributor and TSC member. I have also sat on the governing board in two different capacities. My experience in these roles enables me to represent our open source community and inform the decision making of the TSC. Also, my record in these roles demonstrates my ability to continue to grow and create positive change in our open source community.

As Chair of the TSC I promoted collaborative projects and efforts towards diversity, civility and inclusion. Some examples of these efforts include sponsoring and contributing to Hyperledger Ursa and Hyperledger Transact. Both of these promote cross-project collaboration and development. They serve to not just create reusable code among the other projects but also create a more coherent Hyperledger. Similarly the creation of the Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion Working Group is a positive step towards growing a healthy open source community that we can all be proud to participate in

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