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Christopher Ferris

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Short personal bio

I’m an IBM Fellow and IBM’s CTO for Open Technology. I have overall technical responsibility for all of IBM’s open technology initiatives, and with the other IBM CTO’s, set technical strategy for IBM's open source and open standards activities. I also provide technical leadership to a large team of open source developers working on projects ranging from Kubernetes to NodeRed. I am also a maintainer of the Hyperledger Fabric project.

Short personal pitch

The success of Hyperledger (generally) means a lot to me, personally as I had a hand in helping to create the organization with my colleagues at LF and other early members. Obviously, as a Fabric contributor and maintainer, Fabric is also important, but not to the exclusion of other Hyperledger projects. For the past year and a half, I have been pressing for more cross-project collaboration and have engaged resources to work on cross-project collaboration efforts including Fabric-EVM-chaincode, Fabric-Truffle integration, the proposed TCF project's Fabric integration, and Transact and have encouraged IBM to contribute to such projects as Caliper and Cello (who have since become maintainers).

I have frequently spoken on behalf of Hyperledger at various tech conferences, including keynotes at OSCON, W-JAX, Global Blockchain, Money2020, ReThink and more, and I have engaged with press and analysts on behalf of Hyperledger both as former chair and TSC member. I've also written a few blog posts for Hyperledger and Hyperledger Fabric.

I would be honored to continue to help Hyperledger to the best of my ability as an active member of the TSC for another year.

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