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Arnaud J Le Hors

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Short personal bio

I am Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) Blockchain & Web Open Technologies at IBM. I have been working on Open Technologies for over 20 years, involving standards and open source development. I have been involved in Hyperledger since its launch and spend most of my time on Hyperledger related activities, wearing multiple hats: contributor to Fabric and member of the TSC and Speakers Bureau, Technical Ambassador, and Labs Steward.

Short personal pitch

I was a staff member of the W3C and the X Consortium and have represented IBM in several standards and open source organizations for many years. I have been involved in every aspect of the Open Technologies development process. This includes the technical, strategic, political, and legal aspects. I was editor of several key Web specifications including HTML and DOM and have chaired several W3C Working Groups for which I earned a solid reputation. I was involved in high profile open source projects such as Xerces, the Apache XML parser, and the X Window System. I made my first steps in Open Source in 1990 with the release of the XPM library which is still in use today!

Besides my activities in Hyperledger, I am currently the main representative for IBM at W3C, and an invited expert to the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum where I make sure that the Hyperledger technologies are taken into account. I very often speak about Hyperledger and its different projects at international conferences and meetups around the world.

As an active member of the TSC I have contributed to the project in several ways, leading the development of the Code of Conduct, Project Lifecycle, and Project Exit Criteria, and the Hyperledger Labs for which I serve as a steward. More recently I lead the task force on the Project Lifecycle driving resolution on several recurrent issues.

It has been an honor to serve on the TSC and I hope to be able to continue in that role so that, drawing from my rich background in Open Technologies, I can keep contributing towards the growth and success of Hyperledger with a focus moving forward on better defining how the different Hyperledger projects relate to one another.

My goal for Hyperledger remains to not merely be successful technically but also be successful as a true Open Source project with an active, vibrant, and diverse community.

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