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01-Oct-2019 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

via Zoom

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

TSC Members


  • Arnaud Le Hors
  • Baohua Yang
  • Binh Nguyen
  • Christopher Ferris
  • Dan Middleton
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Kelly Olson
  • Mark Wagner
  • Mic Bowman
  • Nathan George
  • Silas Davis



Items of discussion

  • Discussing expanding the TSC
    • Is it possible to expand the TSC without amending the charter?
    • Can we have a second election to choose a few more members at large?
    • We need to get some advice on the correct way forward on how to expand and choose new people.
  • Conclude Pipeline decisions if possible.
    • Issue 2: What are the criteria for a "First Major Release"?
      • This is important to defining what is the "Hyperledger way"
      • How do we feel about level of quality since we're supposed to be doing "enterprise level" work.
      • Fabric's 1.0 release included a review of outstanding JIRA's to ensure that no high/critical JIRA's remained.
      • No security defects for sure.
      • Does this imply that it is version 1.0? No, because some projects are mature.
      • Technical criteria reorganized at the bottom.
      • The TSC must vote on allowing/accepting a first major release. Proposal amended.
      • VOTE: 0 opposed. 0 abstaining. All in favor: unanimous. (please note that Silas Davis expressed a desire to vote "no" as a purely symbolic gesture to break his perfect "yes" voting record.)
    • Issue 3: What criteria/steps/policies must releases after the First Major Release adhere to?
      • Major semver should be used as the guide.
      • How does the TSC handle the application of Semver? Does this mean the TSC will have to police the version numbers closely?
      • The TSC wants to reserve the right to have oversight on what is considered a major release.
      • Can "major release" be something other than a major semver change (e.g. 0.x to 1.x, or 1.x to 2.x)?
      • VOTE: 0 opposed. -0 abstaining. All in favor: unanimous.
    • Saving for discussion next time: Issue 6: Should we have subprojects (and fewer toplevel projects)?
      • Please look at the proposal and comment.

Quarterly updates

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