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  • Call for discussion of PSWG future (Mark Wagner)
  • New Taxonomy for Projects (Silona)
  • Chairs and Vice Chairs for Projects

Quarterly reports

Upcoming reports


  • Concept of Subprojects and EOL for Projects (???)
  • Project Readiness Rough Draft  is up - Please read and comment.  We will discuss next week (Dave Huseby)
  • Overall Engagement in Projects (Mark Wagner, Ry Jones, mid-April)
  • Re-Examine Purpose & Structure of Working Groups (Mic Bowman, Mark Wagner, Ry Jones)
  • Github/Jira/Confluence integration to enable Open Planning and Ambassador program (Silona - May 30th)
  • Update from Community Health Committee (Ry Jones- TBD)
  • CI/CD report (Dave Huseby - end of June)

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