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Tuesday 16th March

05:00 pm UK Winter time

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 622 333 6701
Passcode: 475869  


Invitation to the Special Meeting - March 16th, 2021

Meeting Agenda.

DNI – Digital Negotiable Instruments.

How to apply DLTS to negotiable instruments thanks to legal and regulatory developments.

Introduction: Presentation of the SIG and on our activities 

Project on governance (Eugenio Reggianini).



  • Gunnar Collin, Head of Sales and Marketing, Enigio
  • André Casterman, Founder, Casterman Advisory and expert advisor WOA
  • Joel Schrevens, Trade Solutions Director, China Systems
  • Jacco de Jong, Global Head of Sales at Bolero International

Intended outcomes:

  • To demonstrate the value of moving bills of exchange and promissory notes and eBLs to digital options
  • To attract pilot institutions to the industry working group on “Regulatory Readiness” of the DNI Initiative
  • To define best practices supporting DNI integration with other standards initiatives (DLPC) BAFT and global harmonized technical and regulatory framework 

Panel outline

#1 What are negotiable instruments? How are they being used today in trade? In factoring? Are they regional differences as it seems the Middle East is using them more than Europe?

#2 How can technology help digitize negotiable instruments? What could be the role of DLT technologies?

#3 Are regulators embracing “digital originals or assets”? Which countries are progressing most on this front? When can we expect the first results?

#4 How can interested financial institutions engage? A: “Regulatory readiness working group”

#5 which are the use cases that offer low-hanging fruits for financial institutions?

#6        Nevertheless starting from different approaches which are the main common points between ITFA and BAFT standardization initiatives?

Gunnar → how Enigio can be used with DLPC

ePU interoperable with DLPC

abu dhabi and singapore regulatory developments →

WTO DLT day 13rh March (Luca and Sarah Green)

(*) Bibliography on-line:




Webinar DNI



DNI Digital Negotiable Instruments (slides by André Casterman and Gunnar Collin)


DNI – Digital Negotiable Instruments

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