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  1. Welcome  and opening remarks.
    1. Reminder that the meeting is being recorded
    2. Reading of the Linux Foundation anti-trust policy

  2. Introductions
    1. New members who have not been on the call, raise your hand
    2. Your name & company
    3. Your geographical location
    4. One thing you hope to gain from the group
  3. Action follow up
    1. Standard Chartered and DLT Ledger RE: Switch to R3 from Hyperledger
    2. WeTrade RE: possible future presentation
    3. MonetaGo RE: Move from Hyperledger to R3
    4. Hyperledger RE: speaker on product roadmap
    5. Clearmatics RE: interoperability and the ion interoperability framework

  4. Survey
    1. The Health Care SIG have conducted a survey.  Should we conduct one for Trade Finance
    2. Review of Health Care SIG Survey; results of which are located here
    3. Ideas for a Trade Finance Survey?  Volunteers to build questions

  5. Next Meeting
    1. 2 April 2019 at 14:00 UTC


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