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Please provide a name and email address for anyone who should be added to notification emails, (i.e., PR team, handler, assistant).

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Abstract Title*

I believe we verbally agreed to a title in last week's meeting, but I don't recall what that was.  If anyone remembers, please send it to the group.  Otherwise, I'd suggest:  "The Importance of Blockchain Technology within the Public Sector"


"Governments' and other public sector entities core function is to act on behalf of society to create the laws and rules that must be followed, and to ensure that they are being followed.  It is foundationally necessary for governments to have access to accurate, relevant, and complete information in order to fulfill these responsibilities, which is why governments possess legal, regulatory, and judicial mechanisms to compel the truth from all societal participants.  This authority uniquely positions governments' as validators of truth and custodians of trusted information.  Emerging technologies continually provide new capabilities that enable creativity and the rethinking of existing processes, interactions, and models.  While all emerging technologies will play a role in the public sector, blockchain will certainly be among the most consequential, because of its specific role as a facilitator, validator, and custodian of trusted information.  This technology promises to enable governments' and other public sector entities to interact with societal participants within a larger ecosystem, or fabric, which will break down traditional public-private silos and provide completely new approaches toward governance.  The key components of this ecosystem are a) identity (real world items of value (assets) that can be represented digitally), b) interactions (traceability of transactions), c) regulatory compliance (the embedded laws, rules, and contracts that should be followed), and d) governance (the creation, maintenance, and operation of the ecosystem)."  

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Benefits to the Ecosystem *

"We believe this discussion is compelling because every single regulated industry across all countries will be both impacted by and require cooperation from the public sector."

Provide an abstract that briefly summarizes your proposal. Provide as much information as possible about what the content will include.  Do not be vague.

This is the abstract that will be posted on the website schedule, so please ensure that it is in complete sentences (and not just bullet points) and that it is written in the third person (use your name instead of I).

Select the experience level this content is best suited: *

Tell us how the content of your presentation will help better the Hyperledger and open source ecosystem ecosystem. We realize this can be a difficult question to answer, but as with the abstract, the relevance of your presentation is just as important as the content.

List any technical requirements you have for your presentation over and above the standard projector, screen, and wireless Internet.

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