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Public Sector SIG June 2020

Special Interest Group

Group Health

The group is becoming larger and diverse with subscribers and participants from all around the world. Recently volunteers from the group has participated in the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 in Phoenix. Presently we are more than 200 subscribers and expect a wider engagement on diverse topics covering Blockchain applications in Public Sector. General Biweekly meetings are conducted regularly as per schedule and there has been new attendees sharing exciting ideas and new subscriber base addition to the evolving PS SIG Community till June. We are planning to start a new working group soon focused on tracking blockchain policies and adoption globally.


Broad range of communication and deeper engagement with regional public sector enthusiasts to spread awareness on blockchain remains the focal point for the next half of 2020 followed by cross pollination with other SIGs on common goals.

Snapshot of Public Sector SIG till June 2020

Regular meetings have been held, no meetings have been missed. The chat channel still has low activity. The mailing list is still primarily used for Agendas as well as call follow up discussions. Some of the key takeaways are brilliant presentations and experiences shared on Blockchain initiatives in Public Sector by amazing people from all around the world.

June 19 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Srinivas Mahankali on "Overview of blockchain adoption in Indian Public Sector"
  2. Presentation by Elisa Cardamone on "Blockchain for Sustainability in Brazil"


June 5 , 2020


  1. Presentation by William Lovell on "Central Bank Digital Currencies - Opportunities, Challenges and Design"
  2. Presentation by John Jordan on "A primer on digital trust with examples from the Province of British Columbia"

May 22 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Nadia Hewett, Project Lead of World Economic Forum (WEF) on "Redesigning Trust : Blockchain Supply Chain Toolkit"
  2. Presentation by Drummond Reed, Founding Trustee of Sovrin Foundation on "The Trust over IP Stack: Achieving global interoperability for Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)"

May 8 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Diógenes Firmiano on Covid-19 and "the New Normal"
  2. Discussion on the Use Cases on Covid-19 (Contd.)

April 24 , 2020


  1. Discussion on Covid-19 Use cases in Public Sector
  2. Discussion on BSN

April 10 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Erik Zvaigzne, VP on UNDP initiative on Traceability using Blockchain
  2. Discussion on use cases for Covid-19

March 27 , 2020


  1. Input on impact of Covid-19 in different geographies 
  2. Blockchain Use Cases for dealing with Covid-19

March 13, 2020


  1. Presentation by Yaz Khoury on "Leveraging the Ethereum Stack"
  2. Review of Public Sector Projects involving Hyperledger
  3. Intro to openIDL by Truman Esmond - Hyperledger fabric-based data network, initially supporting regulatory reporting for insurance (10 mins ok?)

Global forum panel discussion      

Feb 28, 2020


  1. Discussion on Hyperledger Global Forum from in Phoenix from March 3 2020
  2. Discussion on repository for all Public Sector projects

Feb 14 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Mikhail Elias (Continued) on "Existential crises,global goals,digital transformation and the role of smart contracts in regulatory policy frameworks for digital market networks"
  2. Discussion on the feedback from Mailing List Subscribers.

Jan 31 , 2020


  1. Presentation by Mikhail Elias on "Existential crises,global goals,digital transformation and the role of smart contracts in regulatory policy frameworks for digital market networks.

Jan 17, 2020


  1. Research paper on State of Blockchain
  2. Engagement with Regional and Global Units for promoting Blockchain
  3. Discussion on feedback from the members

Planned Work Products

  • Survey of Group Expectations in 2020
  • Survey on Blockchain Initiatives in Global Public Sector
  • Regular Speakers for the Biweekly General Meeting of the PS SIG
  • Coordination with Regional Public Sector Groups, Local Meetups and increasing value exchange

The primary driver for participation remains peer learning.

Participant Diversity

The participants joining the calls regularly hail from different countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, UAE, Brazil, Sweden and India and with interesting background serving the people in Global, Regional and Local Public Sectors. We also have Blockchain enthusiasts from Large Enterprises and Small Businesses sharing critical insights on diverse aspects of the Public Sector. There is an equal and active representation of both Males and Females and we have volunteers ranging from deep rooted technical knowledge, outstanding techno-functional folks and SMEs with many decades of experience on different verticals and areas of Public Sector enriching the diversity.

Additional Information

The Public Sector SIG anticipates a continued diverse range of presentations, and look forward to collaboration and deeper integration with the regional units to add fresh and interesting perspective. The SIG welcomes new members - both with an interest in the Public Sector, as well as looking for generalist members who seek out key community strengthening activities, such as documentation, communication, reporting, etc. Additional suggestions and nominations of presenters and use cases are welcome on an ongoing basis.

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