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DateTopic PresentationHomeWork

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Summer Blockchain Project for Social Impact

Welcome Presentation:

Gain More information on how our supply chain can benefit local residence.

Review Questions For Week One: Impact Opportunity



Summer Blockchain Project for Social Impact

 Working Group Meeting:

Presentation Scott S. explains Project


Working Project Draft Presentation

Working Draft of the Princeton Blockchain Summer 2019 Social Impact Project

If modifications are made, please update the Log on slide 2

6/18/19Presentation of First Checkpoint

6/20/19Presentation on Sawtooth set up and components

Initiating some ideas on the Tech side as well, so that we can create parallel tracks, as we go through the Requirements and design.

Hyperledger Sawtooth is one of the suggested options, the other being Hyperledger fabric. Happy to walk through in our next meeting (See attached presentation)

6/26/2019Working Group

6/29/19Whitepaper DRAFT

7/1/2019POC / Prototype

The deck contains screenshots of a Prototype / POC developed on the Sawtooth framework using starter code available on Github of edX.

The purpose is to validate our thoughts and iterate any changes for further development.

For anyone interested in experimenting or in further development, you are welcome to fork the repository available at this link (or use the template - click green button that says "Use this template"):



Team will update the group on project status .

WE HAVE CODE (smile)

7/10/2019Working Groups

Teams will brainstorm on next steps
7/16/2019Presentation - Need for Sponsors

Presentation aimed at recruiting volunteers and sponsors
7/24/2019Working Groups


Presentation for Big apps challenge starts on slide 21 to 46. Please review and put edits by slide # here! 
8/6/2019Working GroupsTeams will brainstorm 

Name EmailAffiliationsSkillsJob Assignment Completed
Bobbi MuscaraLedger Academy, llcAdmin / Tech / 

Scott Schneidersrsgroup25@gmail.comSRS GroupProduct Management, Marketing, Documentation and Content

Colin Pintopintocolin@gmail.comMicrotrac Inc & Shaantek ConsultantsSolution Architect, Requirements, Some coding (C#, Python, HTML/Javascript), Testing, Wordpress CMS

Lindsley Medlinlmedlin@njblockchain.ioNJ Blockchain

Laxman Molugulaxman@saanvi.comSaanvi Systems IncIntegration Architect, SAP, ERP, SupplyChain, B2B Integration, Cryptography

Supply Chain




Product design/white paper, test plan, some coding.




Program Mngt, Hyperledger

Program Mngt, Hyperledger, Solution Architect, Testing

Coding (Java, C)



Skills appropriate to the Technology Working Group.

Programming(C++, Python), Image Processing, Machine Learning, knowledge of Cryptography and basic theoretical knowledge of Blockchain. 


Weekly checkpoints

Weekly checkpoints are meant to guide you to think through your own solution prototype, stay on track, and ultimately formulate your own Blockchain  / White Paper / Projects

Each week is designed to address a particular set of questions. 

Week 1: Impact Opportunity

    • Define Project and team members.
    •  Select your challenge requirements.
    •  Define the scope of problem you are addressing.
    •  Why is blockchain needed to solve this problem?
    •  What is the size of the market? What demographics will you serve? Which industries will you impact? Any concurrent trends?
    •  What are some current solutions to the problem you identified? Do they work effectively?
    •  Who are the stakeholders involved? How are they thinking/feeling/acting currently?
    •  What are the geopolitical, cultural-social-economic factors that must be taken into consideration? What are some nuances and complexities that must be addressed?

End of Week Deliverable 

Week 2: Business Model Validation

  •  Who are your clients/users? Sketch out the persona of your user.
  •  What are their pain points? How does your solution solve them? Indicate your unique value proposition.
  •  Does your solution depend on context? Can it be scaled?
  •  What is your go-to-market strategy? Who can you partner with?
  •  How will your product generate revenue / benefit ? Will it be financially sustainable in the long-term?
  •  What are the implicit and explicit assumptions being made in your business and financial model (user-profiles, partnerships, costs, etc.)? How do you plan on validating them?
  •  What is the vision for your product? Can it significantly change the current state?

End of Week Deliverable

Week 3: Technical Architecture

  •  Define the technical specifications of your system's architecture. Include a description of system requirements, processes, business logic, technology stack, user flows, attack factors and any other technical specifications. Attach some visuals as bonus.
  •  Define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) testing approach.
    •  Marketing Tests: Landing Page, Explainer Video, Ad Campaign, A/B Tests, Crowdfunding
    •  Product Tests: Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, Interactive, Prototype, Wizard of Oz, Concierge, Live Product
  •  Outline a development roadmap with a realistic timeline that takes into account your product vision, market readiness, team capabilities, functional upgrades and testing plans. What are your goals for each phase? How will your product evolve? Will you integrate other technologies?

End of Week Deliverable 

Week 4: Impact Measurement

  •  What is the impact goal of your solution? How do you ensure to capture needs of those who are traditionally underserved within your category?
  •  What are the key indicators that capture your impact goal? Are they compatible with globally recognized standards (e.g. IRIS, SROI, PPI)? Do you have impact measures to add to create a more equal and inclusive solution?
  •  What variables and data points do you need to collect? What are the tools and processes to collect those data? What are some obstacles you may face on the ground? Infrastructure issues, measurement techniquest, etc.
  •  How do you collect feedback? How do you improve your measurement?

End of Week Deliverable

Week 5: Code

  •  Prototype your solution in some manner. Examples include:
    •  Working code
    •  Analog prototype / Mock-ups
    •  Tech Stack and Wireframes
    • Create blockchain and implement.

End of Week Deliverable

Week 6: Final Submissions Due

  •  Integrate  information  into a White Paper, , White Paper is your chance to incorporate new information after your submissions of weekly checkpoints.
  •  Prepare a 5-min video demo that includes the following:
    •  A description of your early stage idea: The challenge of your choice and the overview of your solution.
    •  An explanation of your business model: How does your solution create value and be financially sustainable?
    •  Prototype / Proof-of-concept: A minimum viable product that captures how your product functions.
    •  Timeline for sustained development: A plan for project's growth beyond the scope of the incubator.
    •  Bonus: Include how you addressed increasing Diversity and Inclusion. How did this goal impact your team, the product, the research methods, the target groups and any other way you came up with. (To qualify for The One World Award you also need to submit a 2 pager. see above)

End of Week Deliverable  Video Demo


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