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The use of blockchains in different industries has increased dramatically in the past few years. This increase has resulted in many blockchains being created which are working in isolation from each other. In order to enable the full potential of blockchain networks, interoperability solutions are needed for transferring or sharing data across these networks. The goal of this project is to propose a solution for blockchain interoperability in permissioned blockchain networks.

Activities and Deliverables


Week 1 - Week 6

Jun 1 - Jul 13

Jul 10: 1st Quarterly Evaluation

  • Conduct a literature review on blockchain Interoperability.
  • Investigate the required tools and components for the project.
  • Implement a working environment for multiple blockchain networks.
  • Project plan.
  • Code for the working environment.
  • Project technical documentation of the working environment.

Week 7 - Week 12

Jul 13 - Aug 24

Aug 21: 2nd Quarterly Evaluation

  • Design and implement a blockchain interoperability solution to support publish/subscribe patterns.
  • Design the system architecture.
  • A system design document for the system.
  • Project technical documentation of the system.
  • Code for the system.

Week 13 - Week 18

Aug 24 - Oct 5

Oct 2: 3rd Quarterly Evaluation

  • Find relevant interoperability solutions for permissioned blockchains such as Hyperledger Cactus and Hyperledger Quilt. 
  • Compare the solutions in terms of non-functional properties such as performance, security, usability.
  • Test the implemented publish/subscribe interoperability solution using Hyperledger Caliper.
  • A report about the properties of similar solutions.
  • Project technical documentation of the implemented tests.
  • Test results of the benchmarking tool.

Week 19 - Week 24

Oct 5 - Nov 13

Nov 13: 4th Quarterly Evaluation

  • Complete technical report of the project.
  • Writing a research paper based on the design, implementation, and evaluation of the project.
  • A blockchain interoperability paper based on the outcome of the project. 
  • Technical report of the project.
  • Final presentation and demo.


  • Quarter basis review according to Hyperledger Internship Programme schedule
  • Internal communication and updates:
    • Slack is used for communications and updates
    • Weekly meetings through Zoom are scheduled to discuss the progress.
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